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Our client was a hotel owner looking to enhance his standalone app to accommodate room bookings and front desk administrative tasks such as logging work orders and creating notes.

The goal was to enhance the existing solution and streamline communication across employees while creating a positive guest experience. Initially, the app only functioned on a single device and employees had to log in to one desktop computer to make updates.


Dash started by determining the features and prioritizing them in sequential order. We recommended building an all-inclusive iOS app that allowed for the creation of multiple users and roles. With two separate sign-in pages for employees and customers, staff could access the app conveniently through their own devices, while customers could easily check hotel room availability and manage accommodations. Additionally, our solution was designed to:

  • Offer a fast and secure booking platform for guests, integrated with the hotel’s other popular booking engines.
  • Provide customers with a clear, concise and impressive catalogue of the hotel’s services and amenities, including a hi-resolution photo gallery optimized for Android and iOS.
  • Give guests easy-to-follow directions to the hotel as well as key services and points of interest in the immediate vicinity.
  • Inform guests of current hotel discounts and specials to encourage bookings and referrals.

Features and Specifications

We delivered a highly customizable solution with an elegant, clean interface.

70+ elaborate high-quality iOS screens

Completely customizable design including vector shapes, colors, fonts and icons

High resolution 750×1334px screens

Clear and effective documentation for streamlined maintenance & updates


After its launch, Dash’s hotel booking app has become one of the most popular solutions for the hospitality industry. Customers can enjoy convenient, self-service options to book rooms and it’s much easier to delegate work assignments across staff. Now, our client has a fully-functioning product with a scope much larger than the original, proposed app. He’s running an efficient hospitality business and is gaining global traction. The app has also:

  • Centralized communication between guests and hotel staff to optimize quality of service and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Provided hotel staff with real-time feedback to drive operational improvements
  • Drove additional revenue for the hotel with promotions and referral fees

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