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In December 2018, Dash was approached by a local tech startup for a project to streamline work processes and increase collaboration and effectiveness among technical projects needing completion.

The CEO worked with other DaaS companies, but Dash’s full transparency and commitment to a collaborative process gave him the confidence to hand Dash the reigns to their remaining pipeline projects.

He was running a privately held operating room (OR) solutions company in the expanding $1.2 billion global integrated OR market. Its technology drives efficiency in the surgical setting through a comprehensive offering of “smart OR” infrastructure, including surgical booms and lights with a smaller footprint as well as proprietary data analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities; this approach reduces acquisition and construction costs and is especially attractive to ambulatory surgery center (ASC) customers; revenues will be recorded in the company’s S.E.T. segment.

Dash exceeded expectations and quickly became as much a counselor as a technology partner. With Dash taking care of the smallest of details and building upon the product foundation, the startup CEO could field offers for acquisition.

The startup was acquired by a $30b global giant that designs, manufactures and markets innovative solutions that alleviate pain for people in more than 100 countries.

Even a large global company sometimes needs help with complicated AI, machine learning and data science in the most intense healthcare environment: the OR.

The team at Dash spent eight months auditing code, judging the quality of work, navigating security protocols, or ensuring during the transition.

Then, the light bulb went on. Could Dash deliver on a greater vision?

The adjusted vision was to do more than improve; it was to revolutionize the way surgery is done in the OR.


  • Finding ways to set up patient vitals and pre-surgery steps as soon as the patient arrived in the OR.
  • Tracking a patient’s surgery and anesthesia time without the need for a manual process.
  • Ensuring all medical staff went through the mandatory surgery checklist without the need for manual human recollection, which sometimes results in errors.
  • Being able to switch visuals at a moment’s notice to make the best surgical decisions possible.
  • Removing the time wastage of having to restart and reboot equipment inside of the Operating Room manually.


Using agile methodology and a series of sprints, including 50 Columbus-based developers led by CEO/CTO Shani Bhavsar, Dash used weekly meetings to touch base with subject matter experts. Additionally, the team leveraged the large Dash offshore team of developers/programmers
/engineers to deliver more than just a product: it delivered a unique process that fit the client.

It was key. The client would bring regular OR experts into the mix weekly, which had to give input that was vital to every step of every operation. Dash had to incorporate the workflow of the operations, plus add data at every step, to produce something unique.

Then, Dash had to overlay the AI layer, put it through training, and “teach” it what data to collect to achieve the goal. Dash experts also added Machine Learning, which is the study of algorithms that improve through experience and could be “grown and extended” to build upon every interaction in the OR lab. Finally, Data Science, to “extract knowledge” from that data.


Over two years, Dash continued to build out what the client wanted and doctors and patients needed, including new ways to:

  • Document surgeries from the time the patient is brought to the time the room is sanitized using AI.
  • Provide voice activated checklists, which adjust to the surgery at hand and aid surgeons in the process using machine learning.
  • Four distinct monitors which can be voice activated and adjusted to the requests of the surgical team using a new voice tool.
  • Using an Application Programming Interface (API) to ensure all monitors and equipment work to the highest standard.


With the combination of AI, ML and API to fully automate and update OR processes, the new smarter operating room is rolling out in cities across the United States.

“We believe in evolution, not just for us, but for every one of our clients, said Dash CEO/CTO Shani Bhavsar. “This is the achievement of a lifetime but taught us everything we need for a bright future as we take these learnings and improve, innovate and build a great future.”

Currently, the system can assist doctors in surgery with voice activated queries and answers during surgery. Off the floor, Chief Financial Officers can “ask” the data which OR is the most productive, or profitable, day-to-day, and streamline efficiencies. The system can also order new equipment, adjust schedules of ORs, or put surgery teams together. It can “set” doctor preferences for each operation. It can cross-reference best practices, or manufacturer’s processes real-time in surgery.

Cameras “trained” to record movements combined with digitized audio records to help guide improvements, provide vital records and keeps building the best OR it can be.

Best of all, it keeps improving. The system learns, improves and refines on an ongoing basis.

Doctors can ask: What was the time on that surgery? How does that compare to my usual time? Or the national standard?

Staff can ask: What tools can be saved; what tools scrapped? When is the next surgery? What’s the makeup of the next team in this room and when does the next surgery start?

Management can ask: how does that knee replacement compare to others the doctor has done? Was the most efficient staff used? What’s the mix of anaesthesia and how does it compare to other knee replacement surgeries?

In all, Dash has engineered two things. First, a technology partnership that is ongoing. Secondly, an intellectual property and process that can be leveraged in other circumstances, as well as additional product – including two that have come out after the launch of the “smart OR.”

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