E-States: Project Overview

E-States is a revolutionary web & mobile application empowered by blockchain that combines the world’s large capital market. The app help realtors simplify the process of conducting private offerings. That means they can tokenize their real properties with cryptocurrencies.

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Client’s Requirement

The client was wanted to build a safe, secure, and convenient web and mobile app for real estate developers including sponsors and investors to help them turn their ownership interests into tradable shares. The software was intended to be integrated with smooth navigation to help users drive their purposes smoothly. While searching for software development firms online, the client found us and contacted us with their project idea.

Our Approach

We had many brainstorming sessions with our team and clients. Our QA and business analysis explored the industry and come up with a robust app development plan and created a project scope as our client wanted. The client appreciated our effort and asked to start the project immediately.

We forged a team that included a project manager, team leaders, and engineers. We build the roadmap and development process with client consent. Now, the project was divided among the engineers and they created the app within the deadline.


Blockchain technology has impacted the real estate industry in a variety of ways, including offering a new means for buyers and sellers to connect. We love challenges and that’s the reason we often get the highly complex project. Some of the main challenges were:

  • The Real Estate Tokenization
    Increasing Real Estate Liquidity & Reducing Barriers to Crowdfunding.
  • Smart Contracts
    The Digitization of Contracts and Reduced Fees.
  • Security and Control over Transactions
    Secured & Faster Payments & Reduced Fraud.
  • Property Management Automation
    Reduced Costs & Time Spent on Administrative Tasks.
  • Transparent Data Tracking & Analysis
    Better Decision-Making.


Dash came up with the most secure, scalable, and easy-to-use platforms for launching enterprise blockchain solutions.

  • Tokenization of real estate assets.
  • Process efficiency for underlying industry operations.
  • Reduced costs from process automation.
  • Access to global asset distribution.
  • Access to broader investor pools due to ownership fractionalization.
  • Access to secondary market opportunities
  • Data accessibility to increase transparency and inform better investment decisions and portfolio management.

Top Features

Dash delivered top innovative features and specifications, including:

  • Log-in / Sign-up
  • Tokens
  • Payment Getaway API
  • Affiliate Program
  • FAQs
  • Contact Us
  • Marketplace
  • Cart


We implemented our research insights into a lean and agile design process. Have a look


The result was a super successful web & mobile app. The key benefits realized by the client as a result of the successful project include.

  • Online marketplace to support real-estate transactions comprehensively.
  • Simple, intelligent, and user-friendly method to buy into fractional & tokenized properties.
  • Owners can collect revenue from rent and vote on property decisions.
  • Low maintenance property ownership.
  • Access to cash flows related to the property.
  • No longer need to wait to receive a bank transfer.
  • Frictionless ownership transactions.

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