Dr. Tax Credit: The App Makes Practice Thrive

A senior dentist from Utah, the Western United States, wanted to build a web app platform that enables doctors, practitioners, and other healthcare/professionals to take advantage of the R&D tax credit every year. Overall, the motive was to build a website to reward the healthcare professionals who conduct research and development. “For startups that meet qualifying criteria, the R&D Tax Credit can be used to offset payroll taxes,” website Dr Tax Credit says.

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Client’s Requirements:

The client was looking for a web app development company to build a creative website with smooth navigation to help users drive their purposes smoothly. After connecting with many software firms worldwide, Ben contacted the Dash team with his project idea. He was clear about what he wanted, but he left the tech specs upon our team to decide.

Our Approach

We heard him patiently, and after a brief team meeting, we approached the client with the final proposal that included everything, from wireframing, design, and features to development, deployment, and cost details. The client appreciated our effort to bring his vision to life and gave us “Go Ahead” in his response.

Once we bagged the project, we created a team (which was decided mutually by clients and project manager), and the project was distributed among them. We use agile development methodology to divide the project into tiny pieces and distribute it among team members using an effective project management tool.


We had done all our research and gathered resources in advance, so we did not face any major challenges to build this project. But yes, we had the challenges that our client has shared. He wanted:

  • Smooth navigation.
  • Zero glitches.
  • Intact security.
  • Robust database

Solutions and Tech Stacks
We Use for This Project

So, we put all our effort into tackling those challenges and providing a robust web app that our client wanted and met his business needs. We used full-stack technologies to fulfill his demand. For example:

  • We used Angular to make dynamic Front-End.
  • .Net Core for Back-End.
  • SQL Server for database.
  • Microsoft Azure for Cloud Hosting.
  • Third-Party API for Live Chat integration.

Features and Specifications

One of the best parts of this project was that we did not integrate any standard features, except a few. Creating components for this website was full of experiences as we closely explored the sector, and for most developers, it was the first experience. Here’s the list of features we built for the project:

  • Log-in.
  • Sign-up.
  • Live chat.
  • Notification.
  • Service Menu.


Dr. Tax Credit was one of our best creations, and we had complete faith in the project. Even our client Ben was happy to find his website performing nicely online.

Within 6 months, the website became popular in the United States and its Territories.

Our client received 96% of the total sign-up projection within the timeline.

The web app does not have any critical glitches since its deployment.

The web app gets good reviews from end-users, including doctors and practitioners from the USA.

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Plenty of doctors, nurses, and practitioners from across the USA are left unpaid, without pay, or don’t get back what they do. And, everything happens for want of resources, information, and facilities. If you have similar projects in mind, Dash Technologies is here to turn your idea into a successful innovation. Let’s connect.

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