Chronicle Bits: Project Overview

Popular social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have fairly different features and target audiences, but utilize a similar interface for communication. Chronicle Bits, like other popular social media applications, employs a model where you can connect with people and form groups to communicate simultaneously. Now recall the best moments you cherished and share with the world with Chronicle Bits!

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Client’s Requirement

Everybody loves to click a photo but merely clicking the picture is not enough. Today, people want their friends and family to look at the pictures clicked on some events. Witnessing such as increasing vogue towards photos and selfies, the client seemed that the social media app would be the right place to invest. They approached Dash Technologies to develop a where people can share their memories with the world, tag their friends, chat with them, and a lot more. The objective of this project is to build a web and mobile application for a global audience.

Our Approach

Many existing social media apps tend to be focused on the goal of achieving likes and followers instead of providing a platform to allow people who share similar interests to come together and share knowledge and experiences.

By focusing on this idea in mind, the Dash team proactively focused on how to connect with people and friends. Dash developed Web and Mobile applications for the Chronicle Bits where the user will upload photos of memories and their connection will comment (in a recording manner). In this application, users can add the location of a photo and tag their connection or group.


The average social media user tends to not share their true thoughts due to concerns and social pressure about being perceived negatively as a result of their social media posts.

How can the modern social media experience be enhanced to allow users to stay connected with their friends and communities? How people can share their thoughts without losing privacy? Dash has faced some of the main challenges like this which were:

  • Customized social media app that creates more direct relationships and interactions
  • Get a deeper understanding of community.
  • Creating a safe community space that allows for more creativity and innovation.
  • To help users store, manage, and share their personal photos.
  • To provide free storage but if the user wants more storage, the user has to select a plan.
  • Being able to share pictures without losing their privacy.
  • To store photos in a secure environment.


After the research and analysis phases were completed, to tackle the issues mentioned above, Dash decided on the solution for Chronicle Bits where users can sign up using existing Facebook and Google accounts to remain identifiable and accountable for any negative use of the platform and to therefore prevent the issues encountered within previous apps in this space. We came up with the solutions like:

  • Tagging with connections and group.
  • Searching functionality of user name.
  • Locations by date and time.
  • Delete, discard, and rotate the photo.
  • Invite friends through Mobile and Web.
  • Record narration of each photo.
  • Allow camera, microphone, and location by using the app.

Top Features

Dash delivered top innovative features and specifications, including:

  • User Registration
  • User Profile
  • Invite friends by email
  • Make accounts private
  • Update phone number
  • Update timeline
  • Sign in/Sign up
  • Upload Photo
  • Play and stop button for playback
  • Change Password
  • Photo sharing


We implemented our research insights into a lean and agile design process. Have a look:


In Chronicle Bits, you can discover the interest of your friends and people surrounding you through post views, likes, and comments. One of the app’s best parts is searching your favorite photos or videos with various filters like people, photos, videos, hashtags, and locations.

The key benefits realized by the client as a result of the successful project include:

  • Private Community
  • Member Profiles
  • Social Groups
  • Network Search
  • Activity Feeds
  • Albums & Media
  • User Invites
  • Notifications
  • Member Connections
  • Private Messaging
  • Group Messaging

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