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Big Data Services

Huge information and information examination are assuming a fundamental job in making organizations more quick-witted and more effective. Hereafter it is difficult to envision a productive business structure/application which isn’t giving bits of information to its customers. We have developed a significant appreciation of Big Data and Data Analytics propels/structures and business spaces to empower you to give essential bits of learning from different data sources.

Dash Technologies Inc. work to empower you to pass on a demand to your Big Data. With showed capacity in creating developments and thought organization in those that are rising, our gathering of senior-level consultants will empower you to complete the advances you need to direct and grasp your data empowering you to predict customer demand and settle on favored decisions snappier over ever already. Whatever your Big Data challenges are, we’ll give you the fundamental bearing you need to succeed.

Our Solutions

  • Find the right method to manage gathering and interfacing with data.
  • Arrive at a conspicuous end across over data storage facilities for making huge bits of information.
  • Make and execute colossal data plans generally speaking business verticals.
  • Perceive and resolve huge data security risks early.
  • Keep up and administer gigantic data organizations effortlessly.

Our Technical Competence

  • Hadoop – MapReduce, HDFS, HBase, Hive Query Language, HCatalog, Storm, Spark, Mahout, Pig, Oozie.
  • NoSQL – MongoDB, CouchDB, REDIS, Cassandra
  • Search – ElasticSearch, Solr
  • Analytics – Kibana, Intellicus, GoodData
  • Distros – AWS Elastic MapReduce, Hortonworks, Cloudera CDH

Dash technologies Inc. enable a relationship to conceptualize and execute a well-altogether thought to be enormous data program over various spaces and focus areas. We empower our clients to speak to scale and stage readiness while developing Big Data Engineering abilities to drive vision and regard, and We empower relationship to collect the right customer bits of information provoking more present salary sources through deliberately pitching and up-offer driving advantage. From a method control, tech evaluation, and affirmation of thought to arrange customization and utilization, our masters are reliably close by to empower you to investigate all stages on your gigantic big data travel.

Why to Choose Dash Technology?

  • 100% Quality Conscious
  • 100% Strict Confidentiality Assurance (NDA)
  • 100% Availability on US Time Zone
  • Driven by Agile Methodology
  • Throughout Scrum Adoption
  • Business End Model Testing
  • An Innovative Lab
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Highly Technical And Expert Development Team