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Smart factories are fast-growing popular in the manufacturing industry, providing a new level of proficiency and productivity. Factories are much more than just a mass of machinery operating as a series of siloed production lines. On the contrary, industry operators are advancing to manage the interconnected networks of working components, something more similar to a living being that is trained and finely tuned to enhance working performance.

There is an increase in companies adopting smart manufacturing now. Countries worldwide are embarking on Industry 4.0 efforts on the comparable ground hence creating new policies, the latest tools to evaluate Industry 4.0 promptness and for sure introducing smart factories.

Manufacturers are by now relying on smart factory components in areas like advanced planning and development using real-time production and inventory records, and automation of workflow processes. However, a truly smart factory is a more comprehensive endeavor, affecting beyond the factory premises en route to affecting the enterprise and beyond into the ecosystem. Smart factories exceed furthermore out the factory walls into an interconnected network of global production systems and even further into the digital network supply largely.

Industry 4.0 symbolizes a revolution in the manufacturing processes supported by innovative concepts and new technologies. It brings technology innovations like in the Internet of Things or IoT, Artificial Intelligence or AI, and automation that respond to the three fundamental issues of flexibility in response to demand, greater competitiveness of assets and the regionalization of production. The majority of industrialized nations have already started the conversion to Industry 4.0 to counter these challenges and grow efficiently.

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