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AR Application Development

At Dash Technologies Inc., we made a smart starter manual for enabling kick to off your approach to transforming into an AR specialist, and we have confidence in new sorts of substance, as extended reality, that empowers dynamic duty and correspondence, especially when associated with advance With expanded substance transport, AR applications take your common experiences to an incomprehensible level by giving a painstakingly enhanced point of view of this present reality and moreover We are known for making AR entertainments that are more sensible and applications that are also amazing and immersive. Despite whether it is tied in with showing your assignment in an instinctive way or building attracting gadget for setting up your laborers, our gathering of experienced and proficient Augmented Reality fashioners has a shown notoriety of building profitable and exceedingly shrewd AR applications.

Expanded reality gives a changed point of view of reality around you by upgrading parts in setting with the earth. It redesigns sections, for instance, sound, accounts, pictures, and GPS data to transcend the general comprehension. Extended reality has now ended up being celebrated for mobile phones and associations are making use of this thought. You will get substantially more from an assumed Augmented Reality Development association. Creationist is a settled in association to contract Augmented Reality Developers.

Dash Technologies Inc. is an assumed Augmented Reality Development Company where specialists are arranging and making extended reality amusements and applications that give a vast degree to our clients to associate with their social affairs of individuals and update their substance transport. We are helping our clients in the field of diversions, guideline, solution, planning and more to make keen and useful experiences. Our gathering is continually progressing and researching Augmented Reality application change organizations using zone-based after, 3D showing and portrayal, 360-degree widely inclusive imaging, a continuous character recognizing confirmation, and extensively more.

We have made applications facilitated with development, picture and face affirmation; and zone care progressions with different sorts of play framework.

  1. The extended reality on Maps — Geo-location and spatial mapping can utilize itself with the force of expanded reality. Fundamental spotlights on the guide can be overlaid with additional modernized information like pictures, twitter data, and anything is possible from that point.
  2. An expanded reality for Games — Games are enhanced by including parts like adjusted sound,3D extra things and so forth which impact your universe of gaming to give off an impression of confiding.
  3. Tool compartment for expanded reality — Our gathering of specialists is significantly experienced with Oculus, Knelt and bounce development.
  4. Encouraged Augmented Reality — Our gathering of experts has our clients’ beneficial information on servers which is adequately made available at whatever point required.

Associations advantage from extended reality techniques by enhancing their relationship with customers which also strengthens stamp affirmation. We welcome you to allow our extended reality application to empower you to interface with your customers on a whole unmistakable level.

Technical Advantages

  • Use of Industry Leading Standards
  • Expert advice for flexible architecture
  • Expert support on Architecture Design Support
  • Build Hyper-Relevant Experiences
  • 3D Object TRACKING
  • Projection Based AR App Development
  • Recognition Based AR App Development
  • Location Based AR App Development
  • Superimposition Based AR App Development

AR App Development Offering

  • End-to-End AR Implementation
  • Custom AR Solution
  • Multi-platform AR Operational Support
  • Hire Offshore Dedicated AR Developers
  • Hire Onsite Dedicated AR Developers

Dash Technologies Inc. is a US based leading Augmented Reality (AR) Development Company for delivering solutions to the businesses in US. Also we are trusted development partner for the US businesses. We have certified Agile Scrum Masters to deliver scalable and performance-driven solution efficiently. We do have certified DevOps architects to participate in the operational activities of the product development using cross-platform AR based solutions.

We always ensure success of our client in terms of better reliability, productivity and efficiency by delivering perfect quality services for the Augmented Reality App development. We work together with our client on a path of continuous growth of their business. Dash Technologies Inc. team provides end-to-end solutions looking after complete operational support.

We always feel happy once we see our client dreams comes on a success path with great achievements. We believe in enjoying success of our client associated with us as a one family.

Why to Choose Dash Technologies Inc.?

  • 100% Quality Conscious
  • 100% Strict Confidentially Assurance (NDA)
  • 100% Availability on US Time Zone
  • Driven by Agile Methodology
  • Throughout Scrum Adoption
  • Business End Model Testing
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Highly Technical and Expert Development Team