App Development Cost in 2022 – A Definitive Guide to Calculate Costs

The cost to build an app from scratch may fall anywhere between $27,000 to $500,000 or can even rise to $700,000, depending on the requirement and the complexity of the application. Scroll down to dig out the detailed explanation and the factors impacting app development costs.

Quick Summary: When it comes to building an app from scratch, the one question that every client likes to know about is “how much does it cost to build an app?” It involves plenty of factors, starting from conceptualization of an idea to launching/marketing the app.

Building an app is not just about approaching an app development company with your project idea and getting it developed. It involves plenty of things before you connect with your technology partner. Estimating an app development cost is primarily considered as the top priority to set.

It showcases that there is an app for everything. Developing an app today consists of significant investment to make it successful, and you will find millions of apps available across downloading platforms —Android, iOS, and Microsoft. In fact, Statista reports that the global mobile app revenue will reach $935.2 billion by 2023.

Did you know WhatsApp invested around $250,000 at its initial development phase?

The thing is, the more invested, the better you reap. But, you can blindly invest without knowing its outcome and the scope of the project. Research, exploration, and analysis, these three things, along with many others, will be a great help. In another case, even if you have your project scope at hand, knowing how much it would cost to build an app is a prime purpose that every investor likes to learn about at first.

So, here we dedicate this article to all those exploring the app development costs. We have discussed everything possible to our extent to help you accurately estimate your app development.

App Development Cost in 2022

If you go through the 2021 graph, you will find that investors got applications based on their budget. It may be even $5000, $50,000, or $500,000. These were based on the requirement and the app’s complexity. App development cost is all about your requirement and the complexities of the app. However, if you explore online through some independent sites, you will find almost the same with a few differences.

For example, according to GoodFirms;

  • Simple app with standard features will cost: $38,000 to $91,000
  • Cost of medium complexities app development: $55,550 and $131,000
  • Average app development cost for a complex app with custom features: $91,550 to $211,000

Whereas Clutch shows, a maiden size app would cost anywhere between:

  • $25,275.00 to $114,300.00 —calculated median cost at $100/hr
  • $37,912.50 to $171,450.00 —calculated median cost at $150/hr
  • $485,000.00 and $727,500.00 —calculated maximum costs at $100 and $150/hr respectively

Estimating App Development Costs Formula

Seeing the estimation above, you must have a question, how are these costs calculated?

The cost above is calculated based on the formula:

The Total Development Hours Hourly Rates ꞊ Total App Development Costs

The development hours depend on the complexities of the applications. For example, if you want to build a simple standard app, it will take minimal development hours —that is usually taken.

However, if you are supposed to build a median complex application, the development hours will rise based on the complexities, design, features, and technologies you choose. Apart from these, the development hours will also depend on the development team set up—for example, the individual developers, freelancers, or the dedicated team from the app development company.

How much Time Does It Take to Create an App?

Again the time for building an app will depend on the type of project, complexities, features, and functionalities. For example;

  1. A basic or standard app takes 200-800 development hours, and the development timeline would be around 3-6 months.
  1. A semi-complex app takes around 800-1200 hours with a 5-9 months development timeline.
  1. A highly complex app would take 1200+ hours with more than 9+ months of the development timeline.

Top Factors Impacting the App Development Cost

Yes, the development hours and the cost will entirely depend on the factors. It includes;

  • The type of app and its complexities
  • The platform you choose to build the app for
  • The development approach you choose (Native or Hybrid)
  • Number of features and their complexities
  • UI/UX and its complexities
  • And, the development partner who work for your project

The points given above are the top factors that impact app development costs. Now, let us help you analyze these factors in detail so you better understand how these factors affect app development costs.

Project Type/Type of Apps

When you think about the app development costs, you need to explore the ‘type of application’ you want to build. Whether the app is simple, semi-complex, or highly complex, further cost assessment will be easy based on the project requirement.

App Platform

Once you have evaluated the project type, the following line is to explore whether you want to build the app single or cross-platform. There are two leading platforms, including Android and iOS. If you choose to develop an app for a single platform will cost you less and more when you decide to build an app for both platforms.

Development Approach

Now, you need to explore if you want to use native technologies or hybrid technologies. Costs of app development will widely depend on the development approach you choose. Here’s the detail;

Native App Development: When you choose to build an app using Native Technologies, you may need to invest a significant amount as the app will be made using platform-specific technologies. For example, Android Studio and Jave will be used for Android applications and Swift for iOS. Native app development consumes a lot of time, and hence the costs will rise significantly.

Hybrid App Development: Hybrid app development refers to when the app is built using hybrid technologies such as React Native, Kotlin, Flutter, Ruby on Rails, Angular, ReactJS, and others. The benefit of using hybrid technologies is to save a significant amount of time and costs. Using hybrid technologies, you build cross-platform applications using single technologies. For example, a single app can run across both platforms —iOS and Android.

App Features and their Complexity

Now, you need to explore the number of features and their complexities. For example, how many features you want to integrate into your applications. It will help you estimate app development cost breakdown. The features of the application depend on the type of application you want. If it is simple, all standard features will be integrated into the application. Simple, if it is semi-complex or complex, the features will be decided based on preferences.

UI/UX Complexities

Did you know UI/UX is the face of your business? It must be unique and attractive enough to stimulate users’ minds. Now, you must have understood why it is crucial to decide the project type right in the beginning. Now, the time for building app design depends on the complexities and the project type. The more complexion the design, the higher the costs.

Development Partner

Your technology partner —it’s the most significant part that you need to focus on more than anything else. The partner you choose will definitely impact the cost. An experienced app development company will help you save time and costs while providing guaranteed quality work.

The most crucial part that you need to consider is hiring a dedicated team, an IT firm, or a freelancer for your project. Hiring a dedicated team will help you get the best output while freelancers can keep guessing. No doubt, freelancers are easy to afford, but you may have to compromise with many things, such as deadline, quality work (in some cases), and communication.

Hiring a dedicated team: An IT firm will help provide you with a dedicated team and allow you to remain in the loop while the project is being developed. You will get dedicated SPOC, and daily reporting will keep you informed about the work progress. No doubt, it will be a little bit costly, but it ensures quality and on-time project delivery. 

Apart from the development partner, the region where you want to develop your app will also impact the cost. The average app development cost is $25,000. Depending on the region you choose to build the app, it can go up by $50,000 or even lower than $10,000.

Cost Breakdown Based on App Development Stages

The app development costs will vary depending on the various factors, and we have discussed it in detail. Now, let’s explore the app development stages and determine how much you may have spent on each step. The image given below is based on the project shown by the Clutch.

App Maintenance and Other Hidden Costs

Yes, that’s additional. Suppose you include this in your app development. In that case, maintenance is the part that either you have to hire an expert to manage your app, or you may have to connect with your development partner and get the post-development support assurance. It may be paid and unpaid. For example, We at Dash Technologies Inc. offer six-month free post development support, and if you need further support, that too\ comes with affordable costing.

Similarly, all development companies have similar policies. Some offer three-month post-development support, while some may not. All you need to do is connect with the IT firm and inquire about it, right in the beginning.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to building an app, knowing the mobile app development cost is paramount. We have explained all factors, but we would recommend you connect with an expert and consultant to get a better idea as finding an app development company will determine the cost. So, let join today and if you are looking for any further assistance in the matter.

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